Welcome to Samuel King's School! Situated in Alston in Cumbria and serving Alston Moor and Weardale. At roughly 300m above sea level, we believe we are the highest 11-16 school in England. Top that!

Values and Ethos:

We publish our values in our annual Improvement Plan and they provide an important focus for our work.  And here they are:

The fact that the students are central to the life of the school and its development.
A welcoming & friendly atmosphere in which people can focus and learn and that nurtures peoples’ pride in their achievements and sense of self-worth.
Peoples’ differences and individual qualities and the value of what they can bring to the school.
Our commitment to hard work and determination to improve and to achieve our best in everything we do, especially in the classroom.
Knowing what individual students are capable of and focusing resources to help them to make good or better progress towards their targets.
Maintaining the open door policy that underlines our appreciation of the contribution that parents make to their children’s success in school and facilitates good working relationships between staff and our community.
Working in partnership with other secondary schools and 16+ providers.
Developing partnerships with local businesses and the voluntary sector.
Links with local primary schools and Cumbria County Council.
Providing the high quality leadership needed to drive the school forward.

Being one of the country’s smallest secondary schools gives us huge advantages in establishing the sort of ethos you would want for your child.  With around 100 youngsters studying here, staff know each and every one of them personally.  We quickly pick up on the smallest signs that things are not as they should be and work with families to remove any barriers to learning.  Students also know each other far better than they would in a different environment.  Tutor groups are mixed age with GCSE options being taken by students in Years 9-11 together.  Visitors to the school describe the ethos as friendly but purposeful.  They also comment on the sense of focus in lessons and confidence of the youngsters to talk to adults.  It really is a quite unique setting.



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  • Less is More

    For a secondary school to have less than 200 students presents all sorts of advantages. We really know our students and all our families know us. We give students real leadership opportunities and challenge & support each of them to be ambitious for their future.
  • Focused & Driven

    We know what we want for the school and are determined to achieve it; we know that excellent teaching, leadership and behaviour leads to the outstanding levels of progress and achievement we seek for every student.
  • Nurturing, but still competitive

    Individual support for students is excellent - we genuinely look after them But we know the importance of competition too. Whether it's Hartside, Cross Fell or Yad Moss, your House is going to mean a lot to you.

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